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I'm Rizwan Ayaan Entrepreneur & Human Psychology Marketing Expert My Mission Statement: - To provide clients with a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. - To help clients realistically assess themselves and their manner of coping and perceiving their world and their actions within it. - To provide clients with the tools they need to develop new solutions to the challenges they face from the world and themselves. - To help clients develop new ways of interacting with the world. - To help clients develop increased confidence in themselves and their abilities. - To help clients develop better and more satisfying relationships with family, friends, and work environments. Why You have to go through my courses..? Since I am in the consulting and training industry for more than 16+ years, sharing some of my accomplishments: 1) I was successfully awarded as a Manager for an International Marketing Company which is in almost conducting businesses in 155 countries. 2) I was also awarded Silver Manager for another International Marketing Company which I was consulting in past. 3) I am also into Human Psychology and research and have been working for more than 11+ years. My research covers learning and observing people's habits, behaviour patterns, buying habits and body language. 4) I have trained thousands of students and clients online and offline through many affiliated bodies. 5) I did My Masters in Online Education and Marketing (U.S.A.) I Believe In Delivering Quality & Value to My Students and Clients To Your Abundance..!! Regards Rizwan Ayaan Qualifications: - Professional Skills For International Business University Of London - Introduction to Psychology University of Toronto Canada - Masters in Online Education and Marketing (U.S.A)

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